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Clean safe drinking water is often taken for granted. Many people have no idea where their water comes from, how it is purified, or how it arrives at their sink. Protecting the raw water supply has been increasingly recognized as a critical element in the overall mission of delivering a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to consumers. Comrehensive source water protection not only benefits the water supply, but ultimately the economic, social, and environmental well-being of a community.

Creswell Heights Joint Authority (CHJA) delivers drinking water to a population of approximately 13,000 people in Beaver and Allegheny counties. CHJA wishes to preserve and improve the safety of its drinking water supply for is customers today and into the future. the object of this project is to develop a source water protection plan that delineates the recharge areas of the CHJA water sources, determines the transport time and pathways of potential contaminats, identifies potential sources of contamination, educates the public on the importance of source water protection, plan for potential pollution events, and complies with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's regulations.

The CHJA Source Water Protection Plan can be reviewed at the CHJA's business office located in South Heights, PA.


Daniel Losco, CHJA
Jeffery Faller, CHJA
Denise Kraus-DeCanio, CHJA
Richard Tranter, CHJA Board Chairman
A. Renee Whiteman, CHJA Board
William Persuitte CHJA Board
John Thomas, DEP-Southwest Region Office Sanitarian

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